Legacy of Elijah

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Big Blue + Big Red = Big Orange?



The "fleeing fraudsters"...at one time referred to as the "fleeing Jews"...


Beware of the cowardly false prophets echoing a suicidal solution...


The World is a Business...Mr. Beale!


Zionism is Racism...continually playing the odds against the middle by pretending to be "white."


Just saw where Senator Chuck Schumer of New York will not support the Iran nuclear agreement, but yet supports Hillary Clinton who's in support of the deal brokered...what does that say? It appears the Zionist republic of Israel under Bebe Netanyahu could cause devastation for the western world, when in fact China and Russia are saying that the US should get behind this agreement, for all that could result in a cataclysmic outcome if not? Read on to see how Americans are no more than "lab rats" for "plastic Zionists" here and abroad...which is why they are eternally distrusted by all nations except this one. 


As stated repeatedly, it's all about the "benjamins"...the ones controlling the flow of capital with America being one big laboratory...



Navy Needs New Servers for Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers After Chinese Purchase of IBM Line

This has been an ongoing saga with IBM and China beginning with IBM selling its Federal Systems Division to LORAL, a company formerly headed by Bernard Schwartz, to which LORAL sold satellite technology to China...all under the Clinton Administration I might add. This technology advanced China's military defense capability by decades. China and Russia now partner in military drills.

IBM sold its laptop/pc division to China now called Lenovo, which is the primary server for the Aegis fleet giving access to the US Navy's nautical logistics(How do I know this? I was a Logistics Analyst for the CG 47 Cruiser, the first of the Aegis Class Fleet)...me thinks, there is a rat, the US refused to look at going back some thirty years or more.

http://www.npr.org  Navy Collisions May Have Killed More U.S. Troops in 2017 than War in Afghanistan.


Zionism unleashed...as described in the book "Plunder and Deceit" by Mark Levin and why the right wing talk show host is an idiot Jew? 


I listen to this fool occasionally, known to be supported by Sean Hannity, and used to be by Rush Limbaugh until Levin denied the privilege of allowing an introduction by Limbaugh in one of his books since the first book. Limbaugh went on to write about some fictional talking horse of whom I assume is symbolic of Levin?

Nonetheless,  Levin has been critical of Obama of whom I'm no big fan, when he refused to be straight with the black community, that welfare programs will come to an abrupt halt and that they should have been trying to achieve economic independence instead of social acceptance advocated by civil rights' jacklegs...another story altogether.  Levin has called Obama an "Alinskyite and a Marxist"...when these are two Jews, like Levin.

His attempt to stir up racial discontent among Americans will backfire and blacks along with whites will come to realize this and begin to identify the culprits in their communities...if such disruption should emanate as purported in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."


Is there a conspiracy? What does the Bible say? Ezekiel 16 and 23; Revelation 3:9




The "real culprits" that the government refuses to acknowledge, and wanting to declare war on a country based upon that ignorance.



"Trump the Kingfish" coming to Mobile to "nail 'em up"? 



Taking it to the streets...

This agenda formulated by Trump is nothing new, as a matter of fact it started with the Nixon administration with a call for "law and order" resulting from the riots in the ghettos of the major cities throughout America. There were even reports that concentration camps were being considered in the southwest US to imprison a large percentage of blacks, rioters or not. There was even a skit on television with black actor Glynn Turman's asking about "Operation Bar-b-que"...got a big laugh.

So for those of you who may not understand what the white racist agenda is all about, let me lay it out to you in a way that might resonate?

Trump's Agenda favored by whites and wannabe white racists such as Cruz, and a known racist from my hometown of Mobile, Jeff Sessions...not leaving out the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh:

1. Round up all wetbacks and look alikes, men, women, and children. If they run, shoot down these illegal criminals.

2. There will be no wall built because Mexico will not participate in the genocidal atrocity, and may even call it an act of war.

3. Imprison as many blacks as feasible with these capitalist held prisons for profit.

4. Set up reservations for the remaining like it was done for the native Americans.

5. There will be a "wall" built by means of "isolationism" propagated by taxes and tariffs on international trade.

6. This new found isolationism will provide a means to re-invigorate the need for slave labor...as enacted by the use of the old "black codes" which will now be considered "codes for the colored" including Jews, which Jeff Sessions was subtlely trying to re-introduce in Alabama, before being uncovered.

7. This slave labor force will incorporate any colored minority, including Jews pretending to be white, also the likes of white wannabees, such as Raphael Eduardo Cruz...aka "Ted."

8. The infrastructure will be rebuilt on the backs of this slave labor force, forced to work until death. A great portion of those that rebel will be terminated. Just as Jews participated in their extermination, blacks will do the same. In the words of Trump..."it's called management."


The Tragic Shooting at WDBJ 7 in Roanoke...the saga continues.

First of all, I have been in contact with WDBJ 7's General Manager, Jeff Marks, a number of times via telephone, as it related to a complaint filed against the Better Business Bureau. He personally would not allow me to advertise my business products/services because of a rating by the Better Business Bureau. This is besides today's tragedy that led up to the shooting of the two employees...because my case against the BBB is continuing, and Jeffrey Marks will more than likely be subpoenaed for what I consider a discrimination case against a legitimate black owned business with no customer complaints.  http://theroanoketribune.com/index_1.html


The black male shooter, a former employee, said that he and another black male employee were referred to as "monkeys" and I assume that employee was Frankie Jupiter, who's no longer with the station. This could very well have happened, because I was called a "nigger" by one of my former employers. If I had reacted with rage, I probably would have been escorted off the job and possibly with a complaint filed with human resources, denying employment anywhere else in the future. I sued the company based not on race, but based on that supervisor's denigration of my work place proficiency. The company eventually let that supervisor go. Consequently, it appears Jeffrey Marks could have been the reason for the tragedy?



Cumulus Media Inc. has just filed for bankruptcy and WDBJ 7 is an affiliate. Noticed that WDBJ lost the "Ellen Show" to an ABC affiliate in Lynchburg, and now hosts "7 at Four" in that time slot, but the reception has been very poor...is this station in trouble?



To be a "whistleblower"...   

November 4, 1991

The Honorable James Evans
State of Alabama
Alabama State House
Montgomery, AL 36130

In your ongoing investigation of the IBM Corporation, I am submitting the following chronology which can be verified by appropriate witnesses and/or documents:

May 17, 1985 Letter to Congressman John Conyers about IBM and "white collar crime."

June 14, 1985 Memorandum from the Department of Defense...this matter was directed to the US Attorney's office in Mobile.

February, 1987 IBM admits to defrauding the US Government.

September 2, 1987 I held a discussion with Arnold A. Hunt in the FBI's office in Mobile updating him on the information I submitted to the Government pertinent to the "False Claims Act."

September 11, 1987 I held a discussion with Mr. Richard Moore of the US Attorney's Office in Mobile about the information that he should have received from the Department of Defense. He denied knowledge.

January 22, 1988 I made a request to the office of Senator Howell Heflin for his assistance in pursuing the "False Claims Act."

Just who is Attorney Donald Briskman?

April 5, 1988 I made a request to review the file of the grievance against Donald Briskman, the attorney in Mobile who handled my case against IBM.

April 8, 1988 A letter from the US Attorney's Office in Mobile signed by J. B. Sessions,III (currently the Republican Senator from Alabama and the leading Republican on the Senate Judicial Committee) denied knowledge of any investigation.

Poetic Justice: A conspiracy to defraud was busted by the "Feds" in Mobile. Two of these individuals I knew personally, and witnessed their manipulation of poor black folks, they happened to be Jews...Donald Briskman https://youtu.be/e-jDg5gDxH8 was the attorney for Harold Buchmann, who was found guilty and will be imprisoned. Click the link below to see how: 


The cabal of property crooks in Mobile finally start getting justice...


April 12, 1988 The Alabama Bar suggested that I request Donald Briskman to voluntarily release the file of that grievance. Briskman denied permission.

November, 1990 The Congressional Subcommittee headed by Congressman John Conyers released its findings in House Report 101-987 verifying IBM's defrauding the US Government.

"Questionable Practices in the Acquisition of Automated Data Processing Equipment"...No "whistleblower's compensation" ever received from this settlement.

May 17, 1991 Sent a letter to Mrs Kathy Tighe of the General Services Administration of the information that I was aware of surrounding her determination of losses by the Government.

June 25, 1991 Submitted a letter to Arthur Madden, the attorney that assisted Donald Briskman as to why certain questions were not answered or pursued in the IBM Case. A grievance was then filed against Madden and investigated by Attorney Frederick Helmsing of the Mobile Bar Association.

My Conclusion: The ball was deliberately dropped by the US Attorney's Office in Mobile headed by J. B. Sessions, III, aka Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.


To Profile or not to Profile?

Shortly after I arrived in Roanoke, VA, I was gainfully employed within two days by a company. However, I was told to report at the end of the holidays bright and early, which would have been a seven-day wait. Rather than sit around in my hotel room, I decided to go to the local Greyhound bus station and buy a round trip ticket to Los Angeles to check on some old Navy buddies. The trip was not only to be refreshing but inspirationally reflective...and it was. Traveling through the southwest during the winter months was crisp, clear, and bright, as I took in the deserts, the blue skies, and white-capped mountains in the background. Whenever, we stopped in a small town for an hour or more, I would put my grip in one of the lockers and go for a leisurely stroll, taking in the ambience.

I finally arrived in Los Angeles, but couldn't catch up with the "old salts" thus, I went to nice restaurant for a delightful meal and returned to a very nice motel for a good night's rest. Up early the next day, I decided to take a tour of LA with a series of transfers on the city buses, visiting the various neighborhoods, business sections, and observing the multiplicity of diverse cultures...very interesting. The next day, I got back on the Greyhound headed back to my home in VA.

As we were coming out of California into Arizona, I believe it was either immigration officers or forest rangers asking if we were bringing across any fruits or vegetables? They walked throughout the bus looking people over and then left. Mid-way through Arizona, the state troopers came aboard and came directly to me asking would I mind if they looked into my grip? I said, yes I would. They then asked if I would get off of the bus and come with them and to bring my grip. I did so and once in the station they again asked if they could search my belongings, of which I responded, "as long as this could be witnessed by some onlookers." In the mean time, the bus took off without me. Finally, after determining there was nothing to be found, they apologized and told me when the next bus would arrive.

Before their leaving, I asked if they would give me a written account for this stop and search as it may affect my getting back home in time as well as having some future negative implications. They agreed and reflected that it was the Greyhound bus driver who called me to their attention, of which we then proceeded to the counter to get the complete name and number of the driver and the bus, time of call, and the delay of my trip.

I got back to Roanoke, VA on a Sunday afternoon, proceeded to the counter and told them of the incident, the humiliation, and the delay of my trip. They called the supervisor to come in to talk with me. I again repeated the story and he apologized and asked if there was anything else that can be done? I said yes, refund the total amount of this trip...now. He hesitated...wrong move. I showed him a copy of the report and that this was not only the fault of their driver but the Greyhound Bus Company. My next step would be to turn this report over to my attorney, Monday morning, and to see if I can get 10 to 100 times as much for the anguish caused by the company. They issued a full refund within ten minutes.

From: Closing the Sale by the Ford Marketing Institute:

"If two people exchange dollar bills, at the end of the exchange they each have one dollar. However, if two people exchange ideas, at the end of the exchange they each have two ideas."

The "Seven Sins" by Mohandas Gandhi:

1. Wealth without work

2. Pleasure without conscience

3. Knowledge without character

4. Commerce without morality

5. Science without humanity

6. Worship without sacrifice

7. Politics without principle

"Truth never damages a cause that is just."

A Reminder from Napoleon Hill on Poverty and Riches:

"Poverty and riches often change places. When riches take the place of poverty, the change is usually brought about through well-conceived and carefully executed plans. Poverty Needs No Plan."

"Riches used in its broadest sense means financial, spiritual, mental, and material estates."

"Possessing riches does not constitute happiness. Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing."

The Sins of Commission and Omission

How many more times can the seven sins revealed by Gandhi be allowed either by corporate commission or political omission before the destruction of western civilization?

The Legacy of Elijah...


Chapter One...Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

I have mentioned in previous articles of my observation of Islam as taught by Mr. Elijah Muhammad, for what he declared, was demonstrably bold during America's savaging of black people especially in the south, and my being black and from the "heart of dixie," a stronghold for the Klan and other white radicals such as any other known title you want to attach to a group of thugs, night-riding murderers, rapists, etc. was most impressive. That being said, a description of the relationship between southern whites and Mr. Muhammad was quite an eye-opener as explained in the novel "How One Becomes Wealthy Despite Society's Ignorance and Stupidity."  As a matter of fact, Mr. Muhammad's movement or following was more "conservative" than most right-wing conservative groups in America, today...just in a way pragmatically taught to black folks.

Despite what people may think about this man, his relationship to a man whom he inspired to change the world of sports and the way the world looked upon black people in America was and still is historic via the great Muhammad Ali...who would never be seen or known again as one of America's Negroes. Beyond that, the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, supposedly being carried on by Louis Farrakhan, is simply a self-aggrandizing grafting of the one who referred to himself as the "Messenger" and repeated a number of times that there would be no replacement or substitute in his capacity. [False Prophet Farrakhan aka "Lee Roy" betrays Elijah and Nation of Islam...selling out to L. Ron Hubbard's cult of Scientology: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/politics/magazine/108205/scientology-joins-forces-with-nation-of-islam]


When preachers are no more than pimps...there are consequences.



Those who had an intellect to understand what Elijah was espousing, would either learn how to survive in this western culture or be ultimately destroyed by it in so many ways as evidenced in drugs, self-imposed violence, and just plain old ignorance.

In other words there was no need for someone to keep repeating the message over and over again. This would be similar to a student in the first grade, despite his physical growth and potential maturity, he keeps repeating the first grade over and over for twelve years as far as his mental and spiritual enlightment is concerned...thus, Elijah referred to blacks in America, or the so-called American Negro...as dead to the knowledge of himself. He also stated that this was purposefully done by his slaveholders and their proxies...black Christian preachers. This was a heavy charge levied against his black brothers and sisters but one he would never refute, if for no other reason than reconciliation.

It was stated in a previous article, that he was the only black leader that could take a thug out of prison, clean him up, have him to voluntarily give up smoking, drinking, doping, improper eating, and become a productive businessman as well as one to accept responsibility for a nuclear family. This he referred to as "raising the dead"...spiritually dead. This is also discussed in the book "How One Becomes Wealthy Despite Society's Ignorance and Stupidity."

Let's take a look at his training psychology for someone who just came out of prison, of which I witnessed the process up close. We'll call this individual Brother "X". Generally, Brother "X" comes to the temple referred by someone in prison who has been corresponding with the temple. Brother "X" like most brothers fresh out of the joint, is full of what is called "that prison Islam," looking for his seat on the mothership coming down to whisk all Black Muslims to another world...kind of like the Christian's rapture. Well, the first thing that had to be done was to bring Brother "X" into the real world, get him up in the morning, clean him up, and go out to make a living for himself.

You wouldn't believe some of the expectations that the many forms of Brother "X" had when eventually freed from their cells, so it was important to get them disciplined to reading on the same page from jump street. A brother in the temple would be assigned as his guardian, which meant that he was there to get Brother "X" up before dawn each morning and pray at least five times a day, for there was no limit to the number of times you could pray after proper preparation. Thus, Brother "X" couldn't get on the wrong path as long as Brother Guardian was on the case. The next thing was to drill self-discipline into Brother "X" teaching him how he should carry himself down to how he should walk...always walk as if you are going somewhere. Then, it was how to interact with civil society, and the best way to do that was through becoming an above average salesman. This is where the wheat was separated from the chaff.

Chapter 2...ZIONISM...Replacing a slave's mentality

In separating the wheat from the chaff, I recalled the purpose of a military boot camp; whereby, men from different backgrounds were brought together, broken down to their core, elevating their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses. Elijah applied the same philosophy but with a different approach without weapons, just an individual's use of his will and skill.

I had asked the question a number of times before as to why the"Negro" could not be more successful in controlling his destiny and becoming more prosperous in America, beyond the little mom and pop shops and jackleg churches, when peoples from all over the world despite ethnicity, culture, language, you name it...and do just the opposite economically? Now, there were certain obvious factors such as laws on the books across America constituting failure for blacks since slavery including the use of the infamous "black codes" in the southern states and the attempted resurrection by Alabama's racist Senator Jeff Sessions of similar codes  http://www.history.com/topics/black-history/black-codes . Booker T. Washington, John H. Johnson (Ebony Magazine), A. G. Gaston (Alabama's first black millionaire that bailed MLK, Jr. out of jail along with some others) managed to get around, go over, or go through these draconian apartheid obstacles, achieving economic success within their lifetimes. You would do well to read about them.

So what is it with the vast majority of Negroes over the centuries? A fellow writer found a piece on the Internet that might have answers as to why this slave's mentality was so diabolically destructive to a race and its culture. Here's the story given by an anonymous author, but the theme rings true in these excerpts from the uncovered report:

"We can continue to reap profits from blacks without the effort of physical slavery. Look at the current methods of containment that they use on themselves: Ignorance, Greed, and Selfishness.

Their ignorance is the primary weapon of containment. They have gained the opportunity to read any book on any subject, through the efforts of their fight for freedom. They were given the Bible and they believe without opening their eyes thus subjecting themselves to what they are told.

Greed is another powerful weapon of containment. Blacks, since the abolition of slavery, have had large amounts of money at their disposal. Their leaders were corrupted by means of bunkering, and we accept their money to build our economy with it. Being primarily consumers, they function totally by greed. They continually want more, with little thought of saving and investing. They would rather buy a new pair of sneakers than invest in starting a business. Some neglect their children to have the latest. They think having a Mercedes, Lexus, or Bentley, or a big house gives them status. The vast majority of the people are trapped in poverty because greed holds them back.

Selfishness ingrained in their minds is another form of containment. One of their own W.E.B. Dubois said that there was an innate division in their culture. A "talented tenth" he called it. He was correct in his deduction that there are segments of their culture that have achieved some form of success. However, that segment missed the fullness of his work, they ignored that the "talented tenth" was then responsible to aid the non-talented ninety percent in achieving a better life. Instead, that segment has created a "buppie class" that looks down on its people or aids in a condescending manner.

Their selfishness does not allow them to work together on any project or endeavor of substance. When they get together, their selfishness lets their egos get in the way of the goal. Their so-called help organizations seem to only want to promote their name without making any real change in their community. They are content to sit in their conferences and conventions, in our hotels, and talk about what they will do and award plaques to the best speakers, not the real doers. They steadfastly refuse to see that 'together each achieves more.'

They do not understand that they are no better than each other because of what they own. In fact most of these buppies are but one or two pay checks away from poverty. All of which is under the control of our pens in our offices and boardrooms. Yes, we will continue to contain them as long as they refuse  to read, continue to buy anything they want, and keep thinking they are 'helping' their community by paying dues to organizations which do little other than hold lavish conventions in our hotels."

Chapter 3...Molding men with a $.25 newspaper

We all or at least most of us have heard the story of Samson using the jawbone of an ass to defeat thousands in a single battle...which I believe lends itself more to hyperbole, but very metaphoric in terms of what an individual can do with something that on the surface appears to be so insignificant. I allude to the tale of two young boys put in separate rooms, one room was full of every toy that a child would like to enjoy. The other kid was placed in a room full of manure. They looked in on the two boys a little later and the first one with all the toys was sitting aimlessly, and upon opening the door, was asked what was wrong? The kid replied...I'm bored. They looked in on the other kid through the glass in the door, and manure was flying everywhere, they got his attention and asked, what are you doing? The kid responded...with all this manure, there's got to be a pony in here somewhere. The lesson in the stories?  In order to be successful one has to have goals. So, how did this apply to the training program provided by Elijah to those coming out of prison?

The tool  used in his training program was a newspaper that sold for $.25 to the public at large. Although insignificant in appearance, this item built a multi-million dollar free enterprise market for his movement with an assortment of businesses. Therefore, when Brother "X's" came to the temple out of prison, they would usually reside at the temple, on a few bunks set aside for this purpose. The first day, up before dawn, clean-up, and learn to pray under the guidance of Brother Guardian. They were normally provided with a clean shirt, a suit, a bow tie and a stack of "Muhammad Speaks" newspapers to sell on the streets. Like the military, when they returned to the temple that evening, they washed the shirt by hand along with a change of underwear and socks, shined their shoes, ate a meal, read, washed up, said the evening prayers, and lights out. This was the routine for approximately three months...those who could hack it, became formidable leaders to train others. Those that couldn't would normally fall to the side, into drugs, alcohol, or old criminal pathways, of which there would be no reconciliation or return to that particular temple or to any other that I was aware during that time. Frankly, if they became a drug pusher in the community they would want to meet the police before being confronted by members from the brotherhood, which could instill fear of retribution as a hypocrite by giving Mr. Muhammad a bad name. 

Chapter 4 ...Selling oneself to the top

Selling the "Muhammad Speaks" was not an easy challenge, for sure. When I joined the group out in California, because of my background educationally and militarily, I started in an administrative capacity in developing marketing strategies for book and paper sales, which impressed Chicago (the headquarters) to evaluate our strategy. I came back to Mobile, and again was put in an administrative capacity in security as opposed to financial as in California. Still, I felt I had to prove my merit being a newcomer to this temple. How best to do this? I grabbed an arm load of "Muhammad Speaks" and hit the road with those under my command. I also wrote and submitted articles to the paper detailing the purpose of the program. I was contacted from Chicago by a brother I knew who was from California, who had just been placed in charge of handling imports and exports for Mr. Muhammad. I was charged with checking on some of the agricultural businesses in the South that Chicago had invested, which gave me insight as to the respect that southern whites had for this man.

Nevertheless, if a brother proved his mettle with the sales of that $.25 newspaper by being able to sell at least five hundred copies in one week, he would be known as a five hundred man and a welcomed member of the Fruit of Islam...the vanguard. Not only that, if a brother could sell five hundred a week, he had raised his marketing skills in approach, conversation, and persuasion that he could function in any sales capacity be it cars, groceries, insurance, you name it; and thus went on to receive more functional employment in the community, making him worthy to consider taking on a wife and family. Whenever, a brother did this successfully, we would embrace him and see him on his way, for now this man was a true and viable representative of the "Messenger."

Chapter 5...A Wise Business Structure

The one thing that the ones in a leadership capacity had to learn was that this was more of a business enterprise as opposed to a religious excursion. Sure, it used tenets from both the Qu'ran and the Bible to maintain a sense of religious discipline among its converts who expected that divine connection. Yet, these tenets were only applied when pragmatic and in a practical manner and only as needed to keep people's minds focused on earthly progress versus the "pie in the sky" rationalization prevalent among most Christians, especially blacks in America. Likewise, he showed an amount of disdain when those Muslims from the mideast attempted to belittle or disrespected his teachings of Islam. Either you approached him with the respect of any other cleric or not show up at his doorstep, for he would not accept any "quarters" from you, no matter who you were. Somehow, I admired this form of emphasis and sincerity. Bottom line, Mr. Muhammad didn't play the current fools' game of religious ideology when it came to his movement...period. Also, he didn't want his movement tainted by the old and opened wounds from Islam initiated by the "Prophet" which now had become just broken down, archaic, anachronistic, ancient disagreements among tribes around the globe, that are highly prevalent today in acts of terrorism, despite what one of his former followers, Brother Malcolm, described upon returning from his pilgrimmage to Mecca.  

Needless to say, I was interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at my home and my response was that you are fully aware of the teachings of Mr. Muhammad as a religious leader and not some wild-eyed radical attempting to overthrow the US Gov't. They both nodded in unison with an affirmation of what I said, stood up, shook my hand and left. Not only did he have respect from the Government, but from groups allegedly referred to as the "Mafioso" when attempting to distribute drugs in the large cities, of which they knew what could happen to those drug dealers, especially the black ones, at any given time.

Being a business enterprise, like most other enterprises in America, it was run with  strict, ethical "Profit vs Loss" standards that generally meant a return on an investment by outside sources, whether it be business members from the Far East, Mid-East, or America's Deep South...for Elijah was a man of his word, and his word was bond, and his followers would give their lives before that bond is broken...Malcolm broke the bond. The lesson learned was that there are earthly consequences to certain actions taken and not some mythological hell after you die...thus, the message was delivered in unambiguous terms.

Chapter 6..."Do for self"

This love/hate relationship between blacks and whites since the inception of America was certainly paradoxical with slavery being called a "peculiar institution," and that's putting it mildly. There was hardly anything mild about being a slave from birth to death, worked like a field animal, offspring and families torn apart, whipped, raped, and lynched without recourse. It was inculcated into the slave's way of thinking that whites were not evil, for God is a white man and loves all of his people both black and white, of which anybody other than a slave could not reconcile. This was the philosophy of Christianity for many generations, and if you did not accept it, your soul would end up in a pit of hellfire for all eternity. Again, only a slave would accept this understanding with an abject fear of seeking physical freedom. Of course, this did not work with all slaves...those who rebelled or ran away, or accepted death as an alternative to this bondage. 

Let's put this in context with the philosophy espoused by Elijah. He cut to the chase by saying the white man was the devil, not just any white man but the blond-haired, blue eyed Caucasian, who was a product of an experiment of a radical black scientist, attempting to create his own race for devilish deeds.  Hmmm, now that's quite a stretch, wouldn't you say? However, during that time when he initiated his movement, there was such a group of individuals in Europe that were called Hitler's Aryans, who fit the description. They carried out wars on people in their land that was spreading around the world even to America. Just before Hitler got his extermination campaign going in earnest against the Jews and other considered mal-contents or ne'er do wells, Jews were allowed to leave Germany's borders. However, I recalled a boat load of them could not find safe harbor, even in the US with some eventually landing in Cuba, the Middle East, and as far away as China. These were people with intelligence, some with financial capability and connections, but still no outright acceptance. If Hitler had succeeded, I wondered to myself, where would a boat load of shucking and jiving Negroes go when they offered none of the assets the boat load of Jews offered?

Now, when Mr. Muhammad was told that he and the niggers needed to go back to Africa, by white American racists, his response in so many words...the hell you say? He even took it up a notch, by saying not only am I not going anywhere, but I want some of that good earth in the South in order that my followers can "do for self." Say what you want and please excuse my interpretation, but this man had "balls of steel" and I could see why his followers would follow him into death, if it became necessary. 

Chapter 7...A Movement of Self-Reliance

Being that America had gone through a Civil War over the secessionist or separation issue, the idea of gaining land in the South was not only unreasonable but non-do-able. So what was Elijah's pragmatic alternative? Invest or buy into agricultural businesses or properties in the region. The corporate structure for what had become the "Nation of Islam" was similar to the structure of International Business Machines, Inc. for whom I worked a few years later after Mr. Muhammad's death.

The difference with the Nation of Islam and competing civil rights groups were the goals. Whereas, the Nation of Islam was pursuing goals of self-reliance and economic independence, the civil rights groups were longing for integration and economic dependence, which was and still is anathema to white Christian America. Elijah even went so far as to preach to blacks that the white man does not love you and only wants to kill you. You might say this is somewhat paranoid, until you saw the number of lynchings and killings of blacks by groups such as the KKK, with no legal recourse from federal, state, or local governments. Also, considering what the German nation did to the Jews and others made the possibility in America not that far-fetched.

The business of the Nation of Islam was similar to other corporations in America, with local temples across the country, answering to regional temples, that answered to Chicago. The ministers from the local temples would meet with the ministers of the regional temples, and the regional ministers would meet with Mr. Muhammad's administrators in Chicago. These regional temples were in the larger cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Philadephia, DC, and Atlanta which was the regional headquarters for those temples in the southeastern part of the US. The members that were selected for Mr. Muhammad's hierarchy were good at what they did and the reason why they were given their various names, called "holy names" such as Muhammad Ali, for they were forces within themselves to empower humanity beyond their mundane existences.

Again, keep in mind that this was a well-oiled machine and suffered no foolishness or weaknesses. For example, if a regional minister came to Chicago and stated he didn't have an appropriate amount of funds from the local temples in his region for the number of members in each of those temples, because they were too busy teaching the white man is the devil, or they were spending that time in an ascetic state of prayer, or they were too weak due to a fast, etc., etc., that regional minister would be kicked down the ladder so fast that the shiny toe of the shoe that kicked him could be seen on the seat of that nice suit for a week.

The funds that came from those local temples primarily resulted from the sale of "Muhammad Speaks" newspapers or otherwise in the form of cash donations from those brothers who had other jobs, in order  to account for their quotas of papers to be sold. It was said that you couldn't buy this program, you had to push it...and truer words were never spoken. Therefore, an individual had to develop a marketing strategy to do this or eventually it would cause one to give under the pressure and simply leave the temple altogether. This $.25 newspaper made or broke men. Those that could handle it usually rose through the ranks to apply that same pressure onto new converts. 

Chapter 8...Leaving Muhammad's Movement

Just prior to the death of Mr. Muhammad, rumors began to circulate as to who would succeed him and where would the movement go from there? I was a loyal and dedicated follower to this man's movement, working diligently and was not imbued by the religiosity but more about the fact that when a man or woman is doing something morally and materially beneficial for oneself, it makes for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The range of beliefs and believer's outlooks were broad from those who still ate an occasional ham sandwich to extreme ascetics. These extremists posed a problem like any religious fundamentalists, the God worshipped, notwithstanding.

Communication with Chicago became increasingly difficult, for the ranks were being upset by what either was the making of a coup or simply the con artists in the weeds who were seeking the opportunity to rise. This was as bad as Malcolm leaving and starting his own belief system...I believed it was called Muhammad Mosques, Inc. So just think about that for a second...you are invited into a man's home and graces, you turn on him by dredging up as much gossip as possible to besmirch his honor before the world, and to top that off you decide to take the name of his movement for your own. This was before I became actively involved...but I could see that Malcolm signed his own death warrant. This sort of retribution was carried out against a few others after Malcolm's execution before Mr. Muhammad's death in cities (I am told) such as LA, DC, and Philly.

I went in one day and terminated my association before the discord got hot and heavy and gave my reasons why...the Messenger was dying. There was an effort to persuade me to stay as well as the fact that it may appear I was a "hypocrite" walking the streets, and some member might think it was necessary to "take me out." Admittedly, I looked around corners, over my shoulders, and even went back to one of the meetings, when at this meeting the speaker announced from the podium, you know what we do to hypocrites, and this new convert responded loudly, "We kill them"!! That gave me a free-from-harm ticket, for the minister of the temple knew that if anything happened to me, he would be brought up on charges too, of which I reminded him on a personal and direct basis. This guy, who had just gotten out of prison and made the dumb ass remark, was immediately dispatched from the temple and I'm told he went somewhere down in Florida. I saw him once before his departure and simply smiled. 

Anyway, shortly after Mr. Muhammad's death, what was his movement split into two parts, one led by his son Wallace which became more eastern-oriented Islam and the other part eventually led by Louis Farrakhan...a more extreme, anti-semitic system, mothership and all, with his claiming to have replaced the Messenger. Now, I and the other originals knew this not to be the case and quite frankly I said the prayer, but by the grace of God, I may have been involved in this "customized following" or what otherwise considered a religious cult.  http://conspiracyschool.com/blog/nation-islam-and-scientology

Chapter 9...The Irony of the FBI

I stated earlier that I received a visit to my home by the FBI wearing shades and showing their badges, of which they began to ask me questions. My response was that they were fully aware of Mr. Muhammad's teachings and that he was not a threat to the US as may have been considered by other so-called black militant groups. Frankly, he was always up front about his movement and what he wanted...freedom, justice, and equality. His desire was based on economics and he could care less about social accommodations, of which he felt by separating the races, blacks would be compelled to become more self-reliant. Of course, this was in direct contradiction to every other black civil right's group.  I also stated that this separation with given land in the South was non-do-able, so he did the next best thing, he bought and invested in the region.

The difference between Muhammad's movement and the civil rights' groups in the past and still prevalent is that Elijah Muhammad did not ask for permission. He used his organization to develop a formidable business complex within a generation with influence abroad. Whereas, as "beggars," black churches and civil rights' groups led mainly by highly incompetent black preachers, with a few determined to hog the spotlight at every opportunity, are virtually ignored by the US Gov't and many businesses, excepting those that are racially oriented to cater to vices, as opposed to building character. This is explained in chapter two on replacing a slave's mentality.

Separation by race is not a viable alternative for America's survival, for as a nation we are so racially intertwined. The nation could not survive before the world if it were and could be defined by a single race...which in essence would be what? Therefore, the only alternative is to truly understand what this nation should stand for and to what constitutes its greatness and I don't mean to sound corny...but simply "one nation under God" with liberty and justice for all Americans. This understanding is based on an evolved belief that the strengthening nature of the "Supreme Being" is the binding force that makes a nation of people spiritually strong, and this God is not simply some force emanating from ancient fundamentalist's concepts, despite religiosity.

Actually, separating God from religiosity would be a step in better understanding this power from the beginning of time, as opposed to the machinations based on fears, instituted by extreme forms of religiosity...accounting for much, if not most of the mankind's problems around the world...an undeniable fact.

The irony of the FBI with Elijah's organization didn't reveal itself until a few years later, after I became employed by International Business Machines (IBM). Again, what was it that prompted the FBI to visit me in the first place? I was not too long ago released from the US Navy, and most assuredly had security clearances for the kind of work that I did...so why me? Was it because they felt I could be a source of intelligence, revealing the operating process of his (Elijah's) program? Or was it that they couldn't quite figure out how this man was running this business enterprise, based on what they may have considered a limited Negro's indoctrination like that of most, if not all Negro preachers?

To be honest, with my background in intelligence while in the Navy, I looked for those kinds of links while in his organization, and would have disassociated myself immediately if detected, such as that of the current organization led by Louis Farrakhan...but, I found none. His business procedures were no different than other organizations both business corporations and military contractors, for whom I worked after his death. However, his managerial structure turned out to be a lot more ethical than that of IBM's...thus, the irony as it applied to the FBI.

Just prior to my going to work for IBM, I worked on Naval Contracts via Litton Industries, so I had a good working knowledge of the processes. When I started with IBM, it controlled access to better than 70% of military contracts for all branches. It was even "hardwired" in to the extent that it made it virtually impossible for "other equipment manufacturers" to even bid because of incompatiblity with IBM's system. Big Blue was the two ton giant on the technology block with those "OEM's" having to sue to gain access, of which they eventually did. But, the two individuals who really changed the dynamics of computerization were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and have continued in that leadership role since. IBM was the defendant in an anti-trust suit for its hold on the computer market...that was quickly dismissed after Ronald Reagan became President of the US. As a matter of fact, IBM was symbolic of the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about when leaving office. 

Scroll to the top of the page and you can review my relationship with IBM, to which I am bound by a Federal decree not to divulge what I did for IBM, why I left IBM, and what IBM was doing to its civilian customer base. Nonetheless, when I detected what I considered fraud against the government and taxpayers, I had to chase the FBI in order to get them to listen to my revelations...of which they did nothing. Even, after contacting members of Congress, nothing came of it until it (IBM) finally got exposed by higher governmental echelons. Can you now appreciate the irony?

Chapter 10...Irony of the Media

Malcolm rose to power not only for his conversion of Cassius Clay who later became the great Muhammad Ali, but it was his exposure via Mike Wallace and CBS in the story about Elijah Muhammad and his movement that gave him national notoriety. He became a shooting star and the world no longer saw him as a disciple but the new found personna for the Nation of Islam...not a smart move. Now, don't get this taken out of context and your emotions all a stir, but a similar mistake may have been made when a messenger or messiah of a religious belief, decided that he, as allegedly recorded,  was God. A clear warning was given approximately 4,000 years before him, that there are no gods but the "One" and getting yourself mixed up either by religious or personal belief can have devastating consequences.

OK, let's come back in for a landing. The media blew Malcolm out of proportion, thus overriding and interfering with Mr. Muhammad's message; consequently, the outcome was inevitable from a layman's point of view. That's what has been done in this society for black people since the first boat load arrived. This is something you can't deny. The current so called leaders in the black community from Farrakhan, to Wright, to Jesse, to Sharpton are self made leaders by their own and the media's accords...thus, why there is no long term societal progress in the black community in terms of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. If you think this is absurd...just compare the overall "Negro" community to the rest of ethnic communities...black(from Africa and the Caribbean) brown, red, yellow and white, and you never thought to ask why?

It's apparent that generally the "white" American population and most other ethnic groups don't want the so-called Negro to be free of his shackles, thus the continued teaching of passive Christian beliefs by jackleg preachers, economic poachers catering to childlike wants and vices, drugs, violence, school drop outs, and I could go on and on; which brought me to a clearer understanding of the news media.

I thought I could get exposure for my revelations of IBM's business practices by going to the TV media. I contacted Marjorie Holyoke, a producer with "60 Minutes." When more details were shared, they didn't want to touch it. That was when Dan Rather was being groomed to take over for Walter Cronkite. My interpretation of the exchange..."You mean a nigger in Alabama thought of this concept exposing Big Blue??? Nah, we can't run with this."

Dan Rather eventually got his just desserts when he took on Bush II... you know the story. However, Rather held an interview with Bush I during his term as President, and Rather having a rep of being a "gunslinger" wasn't that successful. Maybe that's why he was" lying in the cut" for Bush II. When Bush I came out of the interview with Rather, the reporters asked how did it go? Bush I, responded..."son-of- a bitch" didn't lay of glove on me. (to the best of my recollection) Finally, I placed an ad in in the New York Times telling the world what IBM was doing...thus, the settlement.

Chapter 11...Nation of Islam after the split

What was once the movement led solely by Elijah Muhammad was now split into two factions, one led by his son Wallace and the opposing faction was commandeered by Louis Farrakhan, who was later denounced by Wallace and Muhammad Ali.

Wallace initially kept in unity with his father's movement but gradually steered toward eastern Islam. He even requested his followers to refer to themselves as "Bilalians" after the first African slave that "the Prophet" chose to be his servant. Consequently, slavery was alive and well among Africans even under Islam. Frankly, this move gave off cult-like overtones to Muhammad's movement, as opposed to a formidable business enterprise in western society.

Farrakhan, however, did turn his faction into a full-fledged cult, he became a "Scientologist/Zionist" http://youtu.be/nKaMlkWxvZ8  on a tear in lambasting others as the sole reason for all the problems plaguing the so-called American Negro...contradicting Elijah's teaching in our refusal to do for self. He went off the deep end, sort of like Jim Jones, in claiming that black Americans as "his people." You do know what became of the "kool-aid drinkers"?

History shows that just about every culture and religion took part or had a hand in the enslavement of the ancestors of black Americans. Islam is not excused and still uses slavery, intimidation, and murder against those that don't submit such as in Darfur. Consequently, there are no innocent hands in this human holocaust through time, and if there is justice to be served, you can be assured that only the divine can justly serve it.

Chapter 12...Black Transitioning, a real comedy

I begin this chapter based on all the hullabaloo over this rag tag group of black morons, known as the "new" Black Panthers and being used by the white, right wing talk show hosts to inflame racial discord for the upcoming elections. Based on the rhetoric being sounded by these young fools, there is nothing new about them or their philosophy of "killing crackers" and they would not have the guts to kill anybody even if identified as a "cracker," so like other racist cowards, they encourage malleable fools to do their extreme bidding. Enough about these idiots fired up on both sides of the racial fence by the likes of Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.(Frankly, I would like to see the four of them in a caged match...any takers?) If you can't see these entertainment hucksters for what they truly represent, then shame on you, America.

Anyway, the comedy of black transitioning. While I was in the Navy back in the 60's, I took a weekend liberty and escorted a young lady to a dance held at the Pasadena Community College on a Saturday night. Being in the Navy I still had a short haircut, while most others sported large Afro's, and while standing on the side conversing with my date, Ron Karenga, (his name at the time) walked in with his small entourage of then the so-called "Black Nationalists" and my date wanted to introduce me to him. I was reluctant about this because I could have lost my security clearance by being in association with these at the time considered government "radicals." Nevertheless, one of Karenga's members came towards us for he knew my date. She introduced us and told him I was visiting from the Navy...aw hell! Why did she have to do that? After a pause, this  so-called militant started giving me a ration of you know what about my being in the military, and that I should be out on the streets fighting the "crackers." I simply responded, brother, this is not the time and place, he walked back over to Karenga which I imagined nullified any further introduction to his movement. For those of you that don't know, Ron Karenga originated the African-American celebration known as "Kwanzaa."

After joining Mr. Elijah Muhammad's following, while in California, and during my travels through out the state selling the "Muhammad Speaks" in many cities, I would occasionally run into these individuals who claim to be the black militants, black nationalists, black panthers, and any other fist-pumping element short of those individuals who put their lives and fortune on the line such as the courage shown by Muhammad Ali, Tommy Smith and Jon Carlos in the Olympics...they were nothing but mindless skulls of hot air. These were usually the types who may have joined Mr. Muhammad's movement but would only last thirty days at the most before falling back into the pit of all too well-known stereotypes in black communities across America.

Mr. Muhammad stressed that the so-called American Negro is spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb with a lack of divine knowledge of who he is and who he should be, and thus still enslaved by white America's religion, social mores, and the inability to become an upright citizen with the requisites of freedom, justice, and equality...thus, never taken seriously by any other ethnicity. When I got back to Mobile, as one of his representatives in the south, one of the first impressions I received while traveling to some of the outer regions, was that white folks (who might be called crackers) had more knowledge and respect for this man than did many blacks that I came in contact.