Race still is a touchy subject...but let's be real about it.

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Should being a "nigger" be a badge of merit as opposed to a stigma of disgrace?

My lifelong role model, one Booker T. Washington, said in so many words...judge a man not by his position in life but rather by those obstacles he had to overcome to attain the position...Lord knows, black folks have had to overcome one hell of a lot.

Let's start with the fact the Black American has never known his place in history and time, for that was always determined by other than himself...that's including all other ethnicities, recent immigrants notwithstanding, to this nation that was virtually built by the black man.

That's why the Black, not "African" American is unique compared to all other ethnicities for he's survived beyond measure. So why this destiny?  (To be continued). 

I'll begin this segment by correlating the issue of the enslaved black man in America with that of the enslaved Hebrews of Egypt. Feel free to critique or otherwise criticize at infobuck@juno.com. The Hebrews enslaved themselves via an invitation of whom might be called the Egyptian ambassor Joseph.

After his death, these Hebrews became a massive welfare headache, thus indebted bondage for four hundred years until their exodus...to go out and make a life for themselves according to the laws of Moses...sent by God.

This was never the case for the black Americans in terms of wandering into enslavement, and eventually duped into what might be called assimilation or social acceptance...which was futile in the eyes of those black men who saw through the ruse as did Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, and Elijah Muhammad.

Getting back to the Jewish Semites, we'll discuss the role the Islamic Semites played in this slavery saga. The Jews eventually rebelled against the laws of God rendered by Moses, and became a different breed of race bringing with it confusion, turmoil, and bloodshed wherever they managed to settle. They were rejected for their deeds of duplicity for they would bend in whatever direction the wind blew, causing them to be shunned or driven out to the the point of extermination. (More to come...)  

Marcus Garvey cited correctly the condition of the so-called Negro but was overly impractical in applying the solution for that condition... http://youtu.be/kq09OdUQEFk

Likewise, there was opposition from the very people who were responsible for the enslavement of the blackman in America...  http://youtu.be/YYie4ipnrTo

Elijah Muhammad made an attempt to get through to the blackman in America as to his still being enslaved although not physically but deeply mentally and emotionally via religion...for to reject the white slavemaster was to reject the white god of Christianity and the Universe...deceit in its worst capacity. Until a man is free mentally and spiritually, he is and will remain a slave.   

Elijah was a pragmatic American Muslim and rejected the Eastern Orthodoxy of the middle eastern Islamic Semites, for their ultimate betrayal of the Prophet likened them to the Jewish Semites that betrayed Moses. His message to the black man in America..."do for self." Both of these religions had a hand in the enslavement of the black man...and not to leave out those Africans that perpetrated the travesty.


"How I Advanced Beyond Negroland"...  

The black man due to a lack of knowledge has never been able to determine his destiny that was chosen for him via race and religion. The stigma of being black has been throughout history going back to biblical times as being accursed and negative...until the Jews chose to name the day after Thanksgiving as "Black Friday" for all the money they could rake in during the Christian ritual called Christmas...which bears no proof whatsoever as to the Messiah named Jesus being born during this season. However, the term "nigger" was used as a tag in racist America, that gravitated to "colored," "Negro," "African-American" and eventually simply black, but not meritorious for the tumult he has endured and obstacles overcome...and still is recognized as a "nigger."  

Gain knowledge of yourself, your history, your past in order to determine your future.