The madness of religiosity...

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Elijah's Response...thus, Black American Nationalism!

I received an e-mail from an author that I had published her works before. She is currently attending speaking engagements on the life and death of Booker T. Washington (by assassination) as opposed to natural occurrences, with very plausible medical information, being she is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience.

In her e-mail she was advised by an elderly gentleman, since deceased, one of her closest mentors, that he believed Booker T. Washington was a "God given vessel." This gentleman was in fact the son of one of Booker T. Washington's closest associates, when he visited the Mobile area to vacation with some fishing in Coden. She also commented that when she learned about Booker T. Washington, she hadn't realized how many people founded schools based on his "Tuskegee Model."

I am what you might call a skeptic when I hear terms like "God given vessel" and very analytical when the ethereal is tossed about without some empirical basis. I, however, admire Booker T. Washington more than any other individual in America's history, as you may have ascertained in my writings.

I reflect on my coming in association with Mr. Elijah Muhammad and his movement years back after my military stint. At one of the meetings, the minister said Mr. Muhammad would answer any question that one would submit, if skeptical about his teachings. My being the young "wise ass" decided to take him up on the offer.

My question: "Define the difference between God and the Devil"?

"Only God can create, the devil can only imitate, and of course deceive with his ability to imitate. Judge a tree by the fruit it bears, judge a man by his works. A man or woman who creates and produces that for the human good is just such a vessel of God's spirit.

This is the reason the so-called Negro has yet to realize who God is, with obvious obstacles put in the way of accessing this knowledge. That's why the so-called Negro is generally a non-producer, and primarily consumes in order to imitate his slave master, with the exception of a few giants in the field of science, music, and art, that we know them by name...for example, 

The vast majority of the so-called Negro is still mentally and spiritually enslaved with the assistance of these religious ministers, who claim to be speaking the word of God. I don't envy the roles these 'false prophets' continue to play, in their imitation of life, knowingly or otherwise."


Albert Einstein..."Does God exist"?   


Filing a dossier...

I was visited by the FBI when working as one of Mr. Muhammad's representatives in my hometown of Mobile. Being in the military, I knew that this more than likely meant a dossier would be opened on me as well as monitoring my activities while actively involved with this "Black Muslim" group following this man in Chicago.

I think what they discovered was that Mr. Muhammad was more of an ally to American society than any black religious leader in the nation by what he advocated...a clean, healthy lifestyle but not subservient when it came to self-defense whether black, white, or otherwise...because self-defense was normally and only applied when someone was breaking the laws of a democratically free society.

There were some incidents that got out of control when a few radical extremists went too far in thinking they were "permitted by God" to be aggressive in attacking "the devil" and to their demise, when they were shot down in the streets by the authorities. Mr. Muhammad, I discovered, was a very wise man...however, that wisdom did not always carry into his following, which brought about these incidents of bloodshed.

This brings me to this Christian "hustler" down in Florida that came up with this dumb ass idea to burn the "Qu'ran," a scheme along the lines of other hustlers from Glenn Beck to Pat Robertson in using their religious beliefs to line their pockets with more gold from some self-righteous suckers. This guy evidently had been working suckers on a small scale and Voila!!'s an opportunity to cash in despite warnings that he's really violating national security during war. He states he's doing this to show that "Moslems have to obey the Constitution." Now, where have I heard this sort of "bullsh*t" before...maybe, from right wing talk show hosts evoking their constitutional hypocrisy?

Nevertheless, a dossier or a file should be opened to investigate this hustler as well as any participant to his madness in the name of Jesus.    

Religiosity's permanent pictures...

It's enough to make "you wanna holla" or simply put a moratorium on all forms of this insanity. Picture if you will these jackleg Christians gathered around the bonfire tossing in the Qu'ran, takes you back to the pictures of the KKK gathered around their flaming crosses, or German Shepherds being released on defenseless black kids while being sprayed by fire hoses, or Christians burning books in NAZI Germany, or celebrating the night of the "broken glass," or jihadists beheading prisoners, or Muslims stoning women to death, or Americans burning women at the stake...and, you all claim to be following or worshipping God.

Truth be told, in the eyes of "civil society" you are just a bunch of ignorant fools, and deserve even more earthly disasters, that more than likely will emanate in the essence of divine providence and the course of time and nature...for all of the unholy human destruction.

Religiosity...a pox on the house of humanity

Religiosity like politics is "opportunistic" when it comes to espousing the causes of those promoting it, but becomes a bitter brew for all of humanity when the two are combined. For example, Laura Ingraham, who claims herself a devout follower of Catholicism and promoter of everything that's "conservative" (that which favors her ambition in our capitalist society), is hard pressed when the Catholic Church comes out against "Pastor Hustler" down in Florida, in the exercising of his first amendment right, not only to shout fire, but to actually start one with his open pit BBQ of the Qu'ran, and even has been egged on by some "sons-of-baptists," that go around to the funerals of those killed in combat, to promote their hatred of homosexuality...the hell with the fact that a homosexual may have been one of the ones killed.

On the other hand you Muslims who claim to be devout followers of God (Allah) wanting to build a symbol of peace and justice in New York would do better by forcefully denouncing the savagery practiced by the archaic sects of your faith, as no more than common murderers when they bomb unsuspecting innocents, punish by stoning, abusive and cruel treatment of your women, and a host of other activities that would emanate from the mind of a devil as opposed to that of the Divine.

Just as the western Christians are very hypocritical when supposedly exercising the message from their Messiah, Jesus Christ, with all of their cruel exercises from "witch burning" to world wars, you Muslims of the east are no better. If I had my way, all of you religionists would be limited to praying in your closets at home and any proselytizing outside of your doors in the wearing of religious garments, worshipping openly, or otherwise would be under civil restriction to maintain the peace of the society.

Oh, but I can't, because religionists as well as non-religionists are protected by a "Constitution" that I believe the composers foresaw this sort of mess occurring from their past experiences.


Polls are unreliable...why? In this one mentioned some time back, they failed to define that which is "white" and that which is non-white, and exactly what is considered "white" within that which is classed as "white"?

Beginning in the 1500's, Europeans developed what became known as "scientific racism"...Hitler went farther by ascribing "Aryan" as being most definitive.


Ethnic by Definition: White is defined as White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, all others are religious or ethnic minorities, so get your facts straight about the American demography.


Http:// may clarify confusion of your ethnic identity...



The insanity...from a mentally disturbed "evangelical"?


Finally, a political office holder takes a stand against a bunch of ignorant fools...