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 How we built INFOBUCK.COM...



How INFOBUCK.COM Got Started

Entrepreneur Bobby Buck owns INFOBUCK.COM. INFOBUCK.COM was listed as one of the 325 successful businesses by the home-based entrepreneur magazine, "Home Business" in the April 2008 edition.  Bobby Buck completed his thesis "The Dynamics of a Good Business Suggestion" while working with the Carilion Health System and received the "Certificate of Appreciation" from the US Department of Commerce in 2005.  He parted with Carilion and established INFOBUCK.COM in 2006 in Roanoke, VA. The business now provides the benefits of preventative healthcare technology throughout the US via the Internet.  In order to educate people about the critical needs of improved healthcare, he designed a college course for Virginia Western Community College that is now promoted via his website at no charge.  His research by door-to-door survey in the valley revealed that many people may go to church 25-50 times a year, but may see a physician one or two times a year, if at all.  Oft times, many can't afford to fill their prescriptions because of a lack of sufficient healthcare insurance or no insurance.  With the assistance of Congressman Bob Goodlatte, he provided churches access to technology to locate where and how to get medications at little or no charge.  He's working with the ministers of many churches in and around the valley in aiding the members of their congregations.  Check with the minister of your church for help.

We are a growth-oriented healthcare venture...

From the Roanoke Valley and beyond...  

You can find out more about the business of INFOBUCK.COM by going to the website

Our Central/South America Expansion...

We stop medical debt collection agencies in their tracks!!  

Defeating Racism in the Roanoke Times

A complaint was filed with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC in order to begin the discovery for a class action suit against the Roanoke Times based in Roanoke, VA.  The case will be based on the Roanoke Times' refusal to run "Help Wanted" ads for legitimate home-based businesses seeking to find competent help for business expansion.  The primary complainant is Bobby Buck owner of INFOBUCK.COM based in Roanoke, a home-based business in healthcare technology and does 90% of its research and sharing of those results via the Internet with the remaining 10% of the business by telephone to insure customer satisfaction. Ms Debbie Meade, the publisher of the Roanoke Times asserted via e-mail that her paper found that most home-based businesses were either scams or get-rich schemes and they just don't have the resources to verify that this is not the case. It was assured to her that INFOBUCK.COM was a legititmate business existing for three successful years with all track records available through the local BBB; this action could easily be done with a phone call or going online.  It was also pointed out that through the advancement of technology, communication for verification and/or referencing is instant.  This did not persuade her to consider the suggestion and the option.  Another factor that seem to bring conflict to Ms Meade's policy of not advertising "help wanted" ads for home-based businesses would be the number of ads seen for home based businesses such as Avon and Mary Kay as well as any number of real estate agents who primarily operate from home. There have been ads from places out of state with nothing but a PO Box, 800#, or an e-mail address with no information about legitimacy home-based or not.  It is therefore concluded based on initial research that there might be a pattern of economic discrimination not simply against home-based businesses but minority owned businesses which implicates old customary practices of racial discrimination. The problem seems to be systemic for similar obstacles were encountered initially with the local BBB in the Roanoke Valley headed by Julie Wheeler.  Therefore, an in-person discussion was held letting her know that if there was any negative association with INFOBUCK.COM as being a scam or get-rich scheme, any and all legal avenues would be pursued to rectify such a liability.


Roanoke Times' Debbie Meade, the publisher and Carole Tarrant, the editor were both let go.     


Reducing Unemployment while Redefining Healthcare

INFOBUCK.COM sought to work with the Virginia Employment Commission, seeking those military veterans who desire training as well as seeking an income via the "Preventative Healthcare Technology" seminar offered at the Roanoke Higher Education Center.  This seminar was based on the course designed specifically for Virginia Western Community College.  In conjunction,  the veterans were being trained and qualified to become seminar presenters in other localities throughout the state; thus, increasing their income.  As the owner of INFOBUCK.COM advanced standing was achieved with Virginia Western Community College in the Health Technology Department, and encouraged veterans to not only become interested in the healthcare profession, but to enroll in associated programs offered by the department.

Defeating Racism in the BBB

I established my business in Roanoke, VA in 2006. Upon doing so, I submitted information to the BBB of Western Virginia. I was requested to submit information about individuals as to the rate of compensation, of which I did with my consultants' permission, but the BBB failed to follow up. Three years later in 2009, I asked why my business did not rate a grade of "A" as opposed to "B+"? I was told it was just a matter of time, but they still wanted the information about people being compensated. Keep in mind, I have had no customer complaints or notes of dissatisfaction over the past three and half years. I told them because they failed to follow-up on the consultants performing services, I would consider taking them to court, if I had to go through the expense of a recovery due to their failure to do what they say they are doing to protect the public. 

My second encounter was with the Roanoke Times in which the Publisher of the newspaper cast my online business as simply another work-at-home get rich scheme, like so many others that they don't have time to verify that they are not. The purpose of aligning myself with the BBB was to counteract any such possibilities. I just wanted to run an ad in the "Help Wanted" section to expand my base of consultants...she refused. I immediately filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and doing a discovery at my expense toward a class action suit.

Encounter number three came with my contact with the Veterans Administration. After being given the run around in a three-state chase going from Roanoke, to Richmond, to Nashville, and eventually DC... I simply said I was going to the cabinet secretary's office and if necessary to the President's office. After almost a month of running around, I received approval within a week of my intended direct action in offering my program to veterans, who may be interested in learning new skills in technology as they pertained to health care. The Veterans Administration's office in Roanoke is currently under Congressional inquiry for its incompetency in addressing the needs of veterans and also for getting bonuses for their bureaucratic bumbling.  

My fourth encounter came with the Virginia Employment Commission of which I wanted to distribute brochures promoting  my business concept to the unemployed and to unemployed veterans in particular; I was told the VEC office could not do this despite my seeing brochures from other educational outlets with the only difference being that I offered a 4-hour seminar as opposed to a course. There were letters of exchange with the VEC's CEO as well as the office of the VA Attorney General. When I received the paper work to file a Federal suit with the Department of Labor against the VEC and informing the CEO, somehow I received the website by which I could promote my brochure before the close of the working day. Now, again, I started with the VEC in Roanoke and was sent off to other offices in the bureaucratic system in Richmond before I got the response I could have and should have gotten in the beginning at the Roanoke office of the VEC.

Here's to Healthcare 

I have told this story before, but it's well worth repeating for your and my sake. I told how I started giving blood back in the sixties when I was in boot camp at Great Lakes, while on liberty. I  mistakenly walked into a Red Cross office which was next door to the USO I was intending to go. The receptionist, a lovely young lady, charmingly convinced me to donate before leaving. What can I say? I get weak in the wiles of charming women.

It wasn't bad nor too time consuming. It was years later that I continued to donate to the local Red Cross. I had the attitude, that if I wasn't feeling any pain, that I'm okay. Besides, I didn't drink alcohol nor smoked; although, I did enjoy my big country breakfast of grits, sausages, toast and eggs, lots of butter, salt and pepper, washed down with a big glass of milk. My other weakness was any kind of ice cream until I became lactose intolerant.

It was on Veteran's Day, and I decided to donate blood that day after my finishing that customary big country breakfast. I arrived and the nurse started taking my blood pressure, and almost in shock, told me to get to the doctor immediately...I had high blood pressure. I didn't feel or notice any outward signs, and besides I'm just in my forties. The doctor told me the advice from the Red Cross possibly saved my life or being hit with a stroke or heart attack. It is the "silent killer" that was rendered in my genes, I have been on blood pressure meds since.

The next medical incident occurred one day when I got up to go to work. My vision was more blurred than ever before, even with my glasses which I had been wearing since I was eleven years old. Not only that, I was thirsty as all get out constantly, having to urinate as much. I drank water, soft drinks, juices but could not over come the thirst nor the follow-up urination. This went on for a couple of days until I went to see my doctor. I was told that I was type two diabetic and immediately placed on prescription meds. I was in my fifties.

I'm in my mid-sixties and in reasonably good health for a senior citizen, by taking my meds as prescribed and monitoring my health with regular exams. This is some free life-saving advice...get checked.

Teaching the next generation the importance of healthcare technology:


My Personal Healthcare Update Since my Mid-Sixties:


I will become 72 at the end of September 2019, I am older, weaker and still dealing with diabetes, for there is no cure, you can only modify with the use of meds and insulin, but that appears to not be working anymore. It seems neuropathy is encroaching with an inability to get a night's restful sleep...I am still ambulatory.  I describe this feeling of weakness with numbing pains in the legs and joints as purgatory between the stages of life and death. Will be visiting the VAMC next month for my physical, and seeking some sort of relief. 



My healthcare service at the local VA Medical Center has been excellent...

I started my care with the VA Medical Center upon retirement a few years back...with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. They put me on a regimen with the proper meds and I have been doing fine. I keep my appointed medical check-ups and am open and honest about my medical care.


There was an issue that I thought may have been serious but turned out to be minor in discussing the situation with my VA Urologist. He was the first doctor to tell honestly about life as we get older and how to best adapt with problems of aging...and for sure we are going to age, it just depends on the quality of life as we do so.

Nevertheless, I asked my urologist if he would share some of his medical wisdom with people in my network? He obliged and here is the link...hopefully, it will make more positive your outlook on the time we all have left.