Starting A Business Booker T. Washington Real Events..Vol 1 Religiosity...a continuum Civil Rights Unchecked Capitalism Weak People A Family Affair Politicians More Suggestions Racism and Religiosity Trump "Conservatism" Legacy of Elijah Death, Dying, & Guilt The Mice that Roar Corporations Legacy of Elijah, Pt 2 Glenn Beck Taking it to the... Comedy of Errors Consolidation HOM Legacy... Calling it like I see it Time For Increased  Love/Hate Self-Reliance John McCain When Time Runs Out Elijah's Response Stop Playing Pastor Necessity...the Mother Good Education Legacy of Elijah, Pt 3 Science & Silliness A Bunch of Frack-ups It's always been "Blubber Butt" Going green... Please, just a hand Civil Rights & ROI "HNIC" Syndrome Legacy of Elijah, Pt 4 It's all about... Most people are... "Rope-a-Dope" The Downside Giving Thanks... Legacy of Elijah, Pt 5 A Man of Honor When the Holidays are Virginia's Anatomical Bang for the Buck Publishing Worldwide Truth or Dare Father Leroy's... Caveat Emptor Red-Faced Rants Contact Us...Vol 2 Money and Morals America's Precursor? Beware America!! Stepping Up... First Ladies... Beyond the Void America's Teaparty Mideastern Uprising Irony of the Media A "Comfy" Crossover Linked by Liberty To Bus or Not To Bus Bro. Pumpkinhead Affirmative Action The Reich... Legacy of Elijah, Pt 6 The Utility Of It All Where Is God?...Vol 3 The Huck Finn Saga Black Leadership The "Master Builders" "Big Ed"... Enabling Advocate The "LA Sap" Religious Radicals Fundraising... Negro Intellectualism Beck...the "BS'er" The Black Agenda Liquor Stores, et al Flags of a Feather An Open Letter...Vol.4 White America's... "Crony Capitalism" "Negro Crabs" Ex-Offenders The Writer's Need The "Je$u$ Brothers" The Future...Vol.5 Murderers' Row Pussyfootin' Politicos Cornel West The Future...Part 2 Al (B.Conked) John H. Johnson Snake Oil Religion The Featured Artist "Code Words" Two Black Boys... Anecdotal Analysis Preachy Politicians Hounds of Hell Ethnic Identity Patients'  Advocate Book  Two A Poor Steward Going National Hip Hop Slop The "CCCC" Surgeon General Apprenticeships Gamesmanship Educational Debt Brick 'n Borders Finis The NAACP's Agenda Dept of Education Useless Beggars Hogwash Trade Winds USA Healthcare A Hollow Tribute A Man from Georgia  INFOBUCK.COM Suicide Perry the "Confed..." A Rudderless Society Peter Principle A Kickin' Kluxer? ENTREPRENEURSHIP RACISM Death and Dying A Poor President If He Had Survived? A Libel Suit Career Fest 2011 Job Seekers **Dustin's Technologies** The Affair Become an MD Capitalism Clarification due... A Joke for a Buck What a "Glitch" Veterans' Help Surveying the Field Black Newspapers Nat'l Med. Assoc. The "Ugly American" Double Standards HBCU Attrition Staying the Course A Masterful Strategist Cain, the Deliverer? My Cowboy Profundity Gov't  Cheese Antidote to Slavery Goin' a Huntin' False Prophets "Pushing Paper" Wall Street Employment Alternative Poor Stewards Black Friday Doin' It "Cainstyle" Media News Views Book Three Political Punditry Death is Easy "Fruit of the Future" Courtesy a Winner US in Transition Closing out 2011 The Need to Heed Capitalist Conundrum A Man of Principle Our Worst Enemy Financial Contagion The School's Janitor Man with a Mission Prayer is Power Making a Difference Quotes of the Times Healthcare, 2012 Cowardly Columnist Religious Oppression Originality... Book Four Religion & Politics Diversity Challenged In Search Of... Advancing Humanity Words of Wisdom Global Economics Mardi Gras Kickapoo/Jigaboo America's Powerbroker When Whites Moralize Personalizing God Black American MD's Unleashing Freedom G.U.N.S. Being "Bucked" BIG GOV'T... Audacity of "Dopes" Civil Rights Southern Domain Black Endorsements Book Five INFOBUCK.COM ARRAY(0x9b663d0) R/B with Strings


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Tall Rock

Stands strong and proud.

Green Meadow

Relax and clear your mind.

Wheat Field

Strong winds embraces the golden wheat.

Italian River

Captures the excitement of being around this italian waters.